The underrated beauty Vitamin.

Vitamin C , the immunity boosting magical antioxidant vitamin which is involved in various physiological functions in the body. Ascorbic acid also the beauty vitamin is anti aging and helps in the formation of collegen , absorption of iron in the body. It’s good for the heart, beauty tonic for skin & what not. It’s a water soluble vitamin so grap a glass of shikanji everyday for better immunity & younger looking skin. One thing that i always tell my clients is that to keep in mind that Viamin C is something that body doesn’t store so you need to consume it daily. Natural sources to supplementation to various beauty serums or just the application of naturally occurring  vitamin C and the consumption of Vitamin C rich foods regularly can take us a long way. For application , i suggest a little lemon juice with honey once a week goes very well for a brighter looking  face and amla juice first thing in the morning with a glass of room temperature water can not only give you great looking skin and stronger immunity but also fix many of your upcoming  health problems. And specially like the times like these when building immunity is more of a necessity. So add karo thora sa hari mirch ka tarka and aachar as it is a rich source of vitamin C. Also include citrus family fruits and berries in your diet to complete the daily dosage of vitamin C.

Dt. Aradhika Seth
Nutrition Therapist